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Awaken With JP Sears Show

Oct 30, 2019

"Big Irish" Jay Hollingsworth is a brilliant stand-up comedian, actor, writer and good friend of mine. Live from the green room just before showtime in Irvine California, we get into his up bringing, Life on the road, influences and the art of comedy.


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Oct 23, 2019

On this week's episode I'm joined by my long time friend Karen Solt. Karen is an Emotional Holistic Coach, YouTuber, Blogger, and advocate for peace, love, unity, freedom, equality and connection. Awaken your minds as we dive into lessons on numerous topics. 


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Oct 9, 2019

On this week's episode I'm joined by entrepreneur, author, Bulletproof founder and good friend Dave Asprey. We discuss his new book Super Human and explore various ways to reverse your age and adapt a high performance mentality.


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Oct 2, 2019

This week I share some profound wisdom, road stories, angry rants,  the quote of the week and more.


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